Alon Titanotter

OTTER | 30s | MALE

Aliases: Titanotter
Height: ???' (??? m) [varies: usually taller than a skyscraper]
Weight: ??? tons (??? tonnes) [varies]
Species: half river otter, half sea otter (Lontra canadensis×Enhydra lutris)
Sex: Intersex (null)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Pronouns: He/Him
  • fish
  • other seafood
  • exploration
  • fun
  • ?
  • the sun
  • unfun individuals
  • supermarkets
  • ?
  • ?
Alon lives his days in a nearby ocean. He frequently explores a city that's inland, often to the woe of the city's residents. He doesn't understand currency, so he's puzzled by why supermarkets hide food from him. When hungry during his visits inland, he can be found ripping away the roof of a supermarket or a restaurant just to get at the seafood within. His favorite drink is Clamato and food is, of course, fish. He's been known to devour individuals who smell of fish, e.g. someone had eaten sushi containing fish earlier, because in his hunger he mistakes them for fish hiding in odd shapes.
Alon occasionally feels a need for adventure and fun. He doesn't like the sun for daring to "outshine" individuals whose personalities he considers shine more brightly, but he tolerates the sun's existence only because others say it's pretty important. He still punches it from time to time. He's friendly and open until he's given a reason not to be. He can be naïve since most of his time before he started adventuring inland was spent swimming around alone in the ocean.
Alon was just a regular sea/river otter hybrid. One day someone stole his heart. Literally. Instead of dying, Alon grew to an immense size and gained greater intelligence.