Arthur Dithers Tayra


Aliases: Arthur
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Weight: 178lbs (81kg)
Sex: Intersex (null)
Gender: Non-Binary
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Pronouns: It / It, They / Them, Ey / Em
  • lavender
  • trees & forests
  • chocolate
  • eggs
  • ?
  • large crowds
  • traffic jams
  • loud noises
  • airborne pollen
  • ?


Arthur is afraid to be separated from the rest of the world and losing what matters most to it. Arthur desires peace, both internally and externally, and it feels encouraged to make its idealized, peaceful world a reality. It tries to remain open-minded and to see differing sides of a situation. It wishes to help and to improve the lives of others. It tends to have a strong work ethic and focus due to a strong sense of motivation and purpose.

As it's grown older Arthur has increasingly required consistency and routine in its life. It brings joy to Arthur when it sees that it has helped to bring positive change to its community and to bring individuals and groups of people together. The support and acceptance from peers energizes it.

Arthur seeks out and participates heavily in routine and moral activities in order to defend and to distract itself from negative thoughts and emotions. It fears misfortune and isolation. It tries to be optimistic and orderly, but it isn't always in the mental capacity to do so. It also tries to avoid disturbing peace and balance and to numb itself to its problems. When stressed Arthur tends to overlook its own needs and to become increasingly critical of itsels, and others can perceive it as cold or aloof. It dislikes facing conflict directly.

Making the wrong choice or disappointing others makes Arthur distraught, and feeling overlooked and unacknowledged despirits it.